Who we are

The person and his well-being have always been/presented the centre to Ginkgo Health Care GmbH. As a privately owned company located in Hamburg, Germany, Ginkgo Health Care GmbH offers a complete range of products with excellent quality for rehabilitation and daily life/living.

Company Philosophy

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving! Positive thinking and well-being without any age limitations are the basis for a better life. High engagement and enthusiasm designate the philosophy of our company. 

German quality

Ginkgo Health Care GmbH stands for German Quality standards with the aim of making your daily life as easy as possible. Our product research and quality management have resulted in a significant range of medical products: "Made in Germany"!

Company Brand - TagVita

TagVita stands for offering high quality products for rehabilitation and prevention that deserve to carry the badge: "Made in Germany"! We are providing exceptional customer and supplier service as well as consistent and reliable supply of products when needed.